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Internet Security 2010 Commited Suicide


My Bd internet security 2010 started randomly giving out false positives about an hour ago.

when i say false positives i mean it said literally everything i did on my computer was a trojan (it was something like torjan.fake.alert.5 or something)

anyway anything that was seen as one was automatically deleted or quarantined.

this caused a lot of problems as anything from chrome to task manager was seen as dangerous, and therefore none were allowed to run.

the problem eventually stopped as bitdefender saw itself as a virus (i tried to update/scan).

i had to restart, after which theres no more problems, except bd failing to run as it says 'txmlutil.dll is missing from your computer'

i'm not sure if this is good or bad as, on one side, i can use my computer, on the other, i don't have an antivirus right now.

anyone know how to help me? i'm seriously stuck, system restores don't work, and i tried something called sdfix, but it doesn't run on windows 7 i think.


  • garfunkel
    edited March 2010

    Same problem here, updated this morning and now many random things are considered viruses (including the usbstor.sys windows driver!).

    This is on Win7 x64 ultimate. I have active virus control enabled on aggressive setting.

    Virus sig: 5494847

    engine version: 7.30856

    This is a major issue that needs to be solved asap.

    Update: Disabling active virus control does not fix this issue - only disabling the antivirus module prevents the false positive detection.

  • The primary thread on this issue is here: Apparently many Vista and 7 x64 users are affected.