Vsserv.exe Not Responding


my taskbar icon is grey and this is the info i get from it

any idea how to fix it, i've rebooted my PC, but that hasn't helped



  • bjproc

    it's working now

  • bjproc

    naw it no!!!

    does BD employee's still post here???

  • auxmemes

    I have the same problem. It's been 3 weeks now and I was told there was a fix being worked on.

    This is totally unaccepatble for a security product to fail and leave the system unsecure until the problem is noticed and the pc restarted.

    Why is no one sorting this out top priority????

  • Hello, I have the same problem! I have Vista 64 bit & 64 bit BitDefender Total Security & its been happening for about a month. EVERY night at some point it shuts off leaving me unprotected for the entire time I'm sleeping until I restart my computer in the morning. I Agree with the other guy:

    "This is totally unaccepatble for a security product to fail and leave the system unsecure until the problem is noticed and the pc restarted. Why is no one sorting this out top priority????"

    PS, Fix this or I want my money back plus the cost of repairs if my system gets infected due to Not solving this issue! <_<

  • This has been occurring everyday for about the last two weeks. It just stops working until I manually restart the service.

    Please fix this, really annoying.

  • hyperform

    I am having the exact same problem, I restart my computer and it works for a while, and then I get the grey ball again. Seriously, in previous years that had by far the best products, but I've had it, I'm done with their stuff.

  • rakort

    Add me to the list of folks having this same problem! been going on for several weeks.

  • Yes! I've been having the same problem on two PCs. On running Win 7 64-bit, and another running Win Vista Ultimate 32-bit. I am using BitDefender Total Security 2010.

    The Vista PC is consistently having the issue even after re-installation from both the CD or the Full download from the BitD website.

    The Win 7 PC BitD is running okay. Some features are struggling, but at least its up and running the scan and firewalls.

    I can't seem to figure out the problem, and I can only hope that someone does soon. The program does not have a great troubleshooting or reporting system.

    If anyone figures it out, please help. Thanks.


    I did the support option in Bd and sent the report. This is what I got back from Bd support team:

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your interest in our security solution, BitDefender.

    Regarding your issues, please be informed that from the analysis of your

    reports, we noticed that you have other security solutions or applications

    installed on your system, which could conflict with BitDefender.

    Usually when you use more than one security solutions on the same computer,

    the system may become unstable. This happens because all security solutions

    try to scan a file whenever one is accessed but they cannot do it at the same

    time, so this causes either slowdowns or crashes.

    Therefore, we strongly advise you to remove the following programs from your


    Windows Firewall

    Windows Live Family Safety

    Visit the link below for more information:


    All the security solutions perform their job based on a similar architecture

    thus having two or more security solutions installed may lead to slowdowns or

    even serious system crashes (each security solution will scan each other

    before scanning the actual files that need protection). We strongly recommend

    keeping only one security solution installed on your computer. If you have

    more than one antivirus (antispyware, anti-adware, firewall) on your machine

    then the software will conflict causing system slowness or Windows/BitDefender


    After you uninstall the above mentioned software we recommend you to reinstall

    BitDefender 2010.


    Maybe this will help? I don't know about uninstalling Windows Firewall, but prolly the other thing for sure.

  • I don't have any other active security programs installed & windows firewall is off & I don't have the family thing. Its Still Happening To Both My Computers!!!

    BitDefender, be ready with my Refund cash!

  • AndreiRC

    I began experiencing this problem last week with BD AV 2010. It happened twice already, Friday and Sunday. See my post here:


    I don't have the IS or TS version which would conflict with the Windows Firewall and I do not have other security solutions installed.

    Please see my Support Tool report at this link:


    Please find a solution ASAP. Thank you.