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Seccenter.exe Process Starts Hogging The Cpu


I recently install BD 2010 version 13.0.15 on my XP service pack 3 workstation. It seems fine most of the time, but a random times my computer becomes un-usable. Task manager shows me the seccenter.exe is the culprit maxing the cpu 100%. Restarting the computer solves the problem for a day or two, then it happens again.


  • Alex Stanciu

    Hello TomMc,

    We need you to follow the steps from my email right after you have this sittuation reproduce on your system . We are waiting your reply with the files that we need attached.

    Thank you .

  • Hi Alex,

    I see a few other posts similar to this one, and each time you seem to respond with a "We've sent you instructions on what to do" but no suggestions for a resolution have been posted on the forum. I've just hit this problem myself, it just started up a short time ago, BD has been fine for some time, it just started sometime this afternoon while I was away from my PC. It's now quarter past 7 on Sunday night, and I'm supposed to be getting some work sorted out for tomorrow and my machine is practically inoperable thanks to seccenter.exe and vsserv hogging all my CPU (I'm typing this from a Linux laptop which I can't do the work on.

    How about posting some quick workarounds to the forum to allow people to keep working?

  • I second what Chris is saying.

    It's really odd that on this board every possible solution for many very common issues are not revealed for all users that might need them. Instead we may actually copy/paste the problems from other posts and multiply them on the board or just PM other users who got lucky to receive emails from the techs.

    Is it some sort of secret knowledge that you share exclusively with some users?

    Wouldn't be easier for us and for you techs to share it the open way on forum?

    That way we wouldn't have to repeat same issues and you wouldn't have to send numerous emails to us.

    Please consider this.

  • Alex Stanciu
    Alex Stanciu ✭✭
    edited September 2009

    Hello Viscon and ChrisW75,

    Unfortunately, there are some issues that can only be resolved analyzing some reports generated on our users computers. The issue that is described here, does not have an exact cause and that is why we prefer sending our users emails for further troubleshooting. Also, in most of the cases a user is describing an issue without providing us some basic information's like the operating system or the BitDefender version that he is using making impossible for us to provide any type of steps .

    There are some cases though, when, due to security reasons we are not allow to post some workarounds or tools, but in most of the cases, instructions that are easy to follow by everyone are posted .

    ChrisW75: We have sent you an email and we are waiting your reply with the reports that we need attached, so that we can make an idea abut what determines the sittuation that you encountered.

    Thank you .

  • For those wondering what the e-mail instructions were, it was to follow the instructions here:-

    Which involve downloading two small apps, and running them to get information about the OS, setup and version of BD software. I'd already found this independantly (you can get to it by clicking "Support" on your BD status window) between posting here and getting the email and carried out the steps. The problem with the article is that it says to e-mail the results through to them, but doesn't provide an e-mail address :)

    Thanks to Alex's private e-mail to me I've got that now (assuming I e-mail it back to the same address I got the message from). it's support {at}

    Also, following the first guys post, rebooting my machine didn't actually fix the problem, as soon as the boot process finished the CPU went straight back up to 100%) however I did notice that a BD update did occur (I noticed the "time updated" on my Bit Defender status window) between everything being OK on my PC, and me noticing the problem, so maybe that triggered it.

    Thing is, my machine has been a bit clunky for some time, and BD has frequently gone off-line for a time (the icon goes grey and it says the PC needs to be restarted) so I was actually already planning a wipe and re-install of Windows XP this coming weekend (once I've backed everything up). I might just uninstall BD until after that, if the fix process turns out to be too arduous.

    I'll be including this info with my e-mail to support once I get home this evening.

    There's a few other items I could gripe about, but I'll find a more appropriate thread for this elsewhere on the forum.



  • Oh, and Alex,

    I guess what Viscon and I are getting at is that some guidance posted alongside these problems can help us to troubleshoot the situation ourselves. For instance, Sunday night at 7:30 when I noticed the problem and was actually trying to get some work done I had no easy access to quick support. Some guidance as to what can cause this problem might have given me a chance to fix it, or at least gather the correct information faster, but thanks for the reasonably fast response.


  • I sent the requested files and Alex suggested I un-install AdAware. Although I haven't had the seccenter hogging the cpu lately, vsserv and liveserve still are. Worse than that is the fact that vsserv is constantly thrashing the hard drive. Using the procmon utility, I see that vsserv is constantly looking at the outlook.pst file, copied to a different location:

    10:46:48.9794264 AM vsserv.exe 1748 CreateFile C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BitDefender\Desktop\Quarantine\temp\outlook.pst=>[subject: Crystal News - April 2002][From: Crystal Decisions]=>(body)

    Why is BD looking at a 7 year old deleted email?

    /applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=5593" data-fileid="5593" rel="">PROCMON.LOG

  • I have also had problems with seccenter. I installed bitdefender 2010 two days ago to replace my previous internet security system. since then it has taken 4 times longer than usual to download e-mails, the PC runs very erratically and this morning it stopped completely. Task Manager showed seccenter using 99% of CPU. I am running XP SP3. I ran repair and received a "bug" notice and a separate notice that one file could not extract. I sent the necessary report to bitdefender but nothing received back from them. Since rebooting seccenter has again used up the whole CPU. I am giving it one last chance but if this happens again I shall cut my losses, uninstall bitdefender and move to a better know supplier. It may end up costing me money but I can't put up with unstable systems.

  • I gave up on Bitdefender weeks ago. Crashing and hogging cpu constantly. No help from support.

  • Just want to add my voice to this issue. I've been running the 2010 trial version for 14 days on my Windows 7 Home Premium system. When my ZoneAlarm licence expired I decided to have a look at the options and try them out rather than just rely on reviews. Up until 2 days ago the product seemed to work fine, the only issue being what I believe to be a false trojan report on a PDF file which was in a Photoshop 7 library folder and which had not been reported by the previous 10 or so BD scans.

    Anyway, 2 days ago I suddenly started to get the same 100% cpu hogging problem as reported here. Initially the main culprit seemed to be vserv.exe but yesterday the m/c ground to a halt with seccenter.exe taking all the cpu. Today is the same. Strange that for the first 11 days or so of the trial all seemed to be well.

    In my case as I'm running the trial I don't have the personal and financial investment in the product as other members, so unless there's a clear explanation and fix available for this issue, then obviously I'll declare my trial as a failure and try something else. I realise that all s/w products have bugs, and security products are more complex than others, but this fault has such an impact on using the m/c I can't live with it.

  • Hello,

    I recently upgraded my Bitdefender Total Security from the 2008 version to the 2010 version.

    I installed the 64bit version on my desktop and it works like it's supposed to work, no problems there.

    On my laptop I installed the 32 bit version and seemingly at random, but mostly after my laptop has been running for a couple of hours, the seccenter service starts using up all of my CPU. A simple restart solves this issue but it's rather annoying.

    My laptop is a Sony VAIO VGN-AR71S with Intel dual core CPU T9300 at 2.5 GHz with Vista SP2 32bit OS.

    I've been a BitDefender user for quite some time now and I've never experienced major problems.

    I'm not at all worried about this seccenter using up all the CPU, I am hoping for a quick fix though.


  • mkjar
    I recently install BD 2010 version 13.0.15 on my XP service pack 3 workstation. It seems fine most of the time, but a random times my computer becomes un-usable. Task manager shows me the seccenter.exe is the culprit maxing the cpu 100%. Restarting the computer solves the problem for a day or two, then it happens again.
  • mkjar

    I had the same problem with BD Internet 2010. Cpu running at 100% usage making system unusable at times. I changed the user settings to "Novice" from "Intermediate", you're then prompted through a short setup routine. I haven't had any problems with the seccentre process since. Maybe a flook, but it worked for me.

  • Unknown
    edited May 2010

    Hi Mkjar,

    I would like to thank you for the feedback, it was sent to the respectful department for further testing. I'm glad to see that the issue has been resolved, if you have any further queries feel free to contact us anytime!


  • davidja1


    I am not a sophisticated computer user....had BitDefender installed about a year ago when I took my computer in for virus removal. Ever since, my Windows XP computer has run extremely slow (yes, to the point of unusable and having to takes about 10 minutes from turning it on to get to msn homepage). I do see that it is seccenter that is hogging the Cpu. I am extremely frustrated with the amount of time I have lost in the past year and am now stuck with this security system unless I fork out more money to have it removed and buy a new security system. Very costly and time-consuming. Any help out there from BitDefender??? Does not sound hopeful from the posts.

  • I had this problem at various times in the past (on Win XP, both 32 and 64 bit, if memory serves). The solution that worked for me was to disable the Windows Security Center, which is one source of the seccenter.exe process. I believe the steps to do so were:

    1. In Windows Security Center, go to "Change what is monitored", or something similar, and disable all items.

    2. Go to the services console (services.msc), find the service that controls seccenter.exe, and set it to disabled.

    Once I did this on the systems I worked with, my issues with seccenter.exe went away. I'm sorry for not being more accurate or specific, but I have since moved on to Windows 7.

    Hope this helps.

  • Unknown

    Hello Bigdogkd,

    Does the issue still occur ? If so please follow the steps below in order to further investigate.

    In order to solve this issue please be so kind as to make sure you uninstalled any other security solution you might have on the same computer (any spyware removal, Ad Aware, Spybot or any another antivirus).

    Having more then one security product installed on the same PC can degrade performance and cause system instability. Even if they are turned off, there are some active processes running in the background. We recommend you to uninstall all the other security solutions in order for BitDefender to work properly. We also recommend you to run a registry cleaner on your computer in order to improve the system performance.

    If the issue still persists please follow the steps from this link in order to provide us with the reports we need for further investigation.

    The reports will be sent directly to our Technical Support Team and you will receive an automatic reply shortly. Please send me a PM with the ticket ID from the Subject of the e-mail so that I may analyze the reports and send you a solution as soon as possible.

    Thank you!