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  • The only profile notification I get is for the Work Profile. There isn't really any application I can add to it that I might also be using while playing a game. Thus I leave Work Profile empty. After the first notification, I don't get it again until I reboot then I see it again when I go to use that application or any…
  • That is what the switch is for. Deactivating it means you have to turn on corresponding profile manually whenever you use an application that needs the settings from that profile to be enabled. Disabling Activate Profiles Automatically may get rid of the notifications but it's inconvenient to have to do each manually. It's…
  • As I mentioned before, the BD events doesn't show anything blocked when I launch/login to the game. When I disable the Firewall, the game launches fine and I can login. The firewall is obviously blocking the communications with the game servers. Why isn't what's being blocked showing in the Events for the AV or Firewall?
  • The game BD is blocking me from logging in with is called Path of Exile via Steam. It's in open Beta btw and so is free to play.
  • Hello, Bitdefender keeps a detailed log of events concerning its activity on your computer (also including applications blocked by the Firewall module). Please click the Events button in the upper right corner of the Bitdefender program. A list of events should be available for each category. To find out information about…
  • In addition to the General settings not saving, BD will update while I'm playing a game, which causes the game to crash. Is anyone else having this problem?
  • I noticed on MyBitdefender products it shows an evaluation version expiring along with the nonevaluation version. Could there be some remnant of the evaluation version causing the general settings to reset after updates or reboots?
  • I bought the newer 2013 version on 3 weeks ago and got an email about it autorenewing on the 3rd. I already bought and activated it. Why would I need to renew it? Am I going to be charged again on the 3rd? Reallized emails are from Avantate site 'Notify me by email when the subscription is about to expire.' for older 2010…
  • Possibly, it's with the games itself. How many games do you have currently in this list? It doesn't matter what games. I put all the games I have on there after I got the newer 2013 version and the game list was cleared on the next update. Since this has been going on, I only add the one I play. That's just one game and…
  • I've also reallized it's noit just the Games list but all the General settings are reset to their default. Is there any word yet or fix for this? I found the games list file and thought I could just add all the games I have to it and copy the file somewhere else then back when BD updated and cleared it but only the…
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