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  • Same problem here. As soon as I uninstall bitdefender the lights stop blinking for both my usb hard drives.... The problem started after I installed TIS 2019... Also this keep the hard drive continuosly spinning for nothing!
  • 4 hours ago, Sorin G. said: Hello, Please add the server's IP as a exception in the firewall. https://www.bitdefender.com/consumer/support/answer/2397/ The server IP is the same computer where bitdefender is installed and where I receive the files from the intermec handeld(these have Windows CE installed). So are you…
  • On 29/9/2017 at 1:03 PM, Sorin G. said: Hello, Please ensure that your Adapters are set as Home/Office under Firewall > Adapters. Also at the bottom of the page for Adapters, you will have the option to force the Home/Office behavior on them, please set it to Home/Office as well. It's already set that way. The intermec…
  • Hi, Yes, that is most likely the reason, different area versions have different version numbers. When version 20 is released, which will be soon, you should be updated to that. I get the impression that v.19 is a temporary release to cover the Windows 10 version release. Ro. Okay, let's hope they release it soon. Thanks.
  • Hiya again. I don't know, my Win 10 version is and certainly not a beta. Have you run an update recently and then restarted your computer, and are you using an English version of BD? Ro. I'm on italian version.... is that why? I have the same version on 3 different computers, all with windows 10 and everything…
  • Hiya, Build v.19.* is the specific 2015 version for Windows 10. The beta versions have been designated as 20.* and when Bitdefender 2016 is released that will be the version number for all the Windows versions. Ro. Okay but I'm using windows 10 and I don't understand why my bitdefender is on 19.1 instead of 19.2....
  • Why am I still on build Is 19.2 some kind of beta version?
  • Why isn't there a patch/update already for this? I have one desktop and two laptops with total security and I'm not able to use homegroup. It works only if I uninstall bitdefender suite. Even if I turn off everything (I literally mean all the options) I cannot access the homegroup folders. Why do I have to modify the…
  • Hi guys, where do I find the italian version of the latest build compatible with win10? I've updated today to win10, then downloaded(casually) the full version from the support page(I didn't noticed it was the windows 10 version) After I've installed it everything was working fine but the suite was in english. So I've…
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