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  • On 11/9/2019 at 4:32 PM, Nunzio d'Abbruzzo said: When you run a file that is not recognized by the antivirus (via the definitions) the file is executed in a sandbox in the cloud and then if it is not infected it is executed in the PC? Cloud analysis in the sandbox, available only for corporate products, in the free version…
  • 21 hours ago, nobleman said: CPU and RAM utilization is extremely high for vsserv.exe, Update your antivirus to the latest current version. In version 2020, this service is no longer there.
  • If decreased, then quite a bit.
  • 3 hours ago, bqpd said: When will it be offered automatically as update? My current build is - somehow supposedly the latest 2019 hasn't been offered. Regards, /index.php?/forum/556-install-activation/" rel="">https://forum.bitdefender.com/index.php?/forum/556-install-activation/
  • Installed a new version, found only the microphone protection, and that's all ?! A whole year of work!
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  • 20 hours ago, Gjoksi79 said: Well, tell him he can follow me on Twitter and Instagram! I will definitely betray Putin)))
  • Guys, and you are not afraid to install Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Putin will follow you!)))
  • /index.php?/topic/80684-bit-defender-is-blocking-multiple-sites-including-google-and-bitdefender-websites-using-firefox/&do=embed&comment=289839&embedComment=289839&embedDo=findComment" style="height:247px;max-width:502px;"> Perhaps this advice will help solve the problem.
  • 27 minutes ago, Roxana G said: For Internet Explorer - open Internet Explorer- right click under search bar, click on Command bar and enable it. Then you should see on the lower page a notification regarding Bitdefender anti-tracker, click on Enable. Thanks, it turned out for IE, how to do it for firefox?
  • 5 minutes ago, DAN57150 said: Have a nice day at Anatoly Evgeniévitch Lokot's town And you have a nice day! You know our city very well! It turns out for firefox, did you simply activate this extension in the antivirus settings, without installing it from the store?
  • 1 hour ago, DAN57150 said: No problem here with the French version Do you use Firefox browser, where did you install the extension?
  • The problem is not only with the Russian version. /index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=embed&url=https://www.facebook.com/bitdefender/posts/10161752882160023" style="height:443px;">
  • Hello, The extension works only for chrome, the icon does not appear in IE, you only see the wallet extension, for firefox there is no such extension. Of course, I activated this module in the privacy settings.
  • In the Firefox extension store, there is no such extension, why?
  • On 5/10/2019 at 2:07 AM, fvmb said: I relatevely new to Bitdefender (home products user) and i would to know if possible when normally will be release the next year version ? https://www.bitdefender.com/site/view/beta2020.html
  • I want to clarify the .bvd extension, use bitdefender to create an encrypted disk. The Bitdefender File Vault enables you to create encrypted, password-protected logical drives (or vaults) on your computer where you can securely store your confidential and sensitive documents. Physically, the vault is a file stored on the…