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  • Hello David7, Thank you for reporting this. For the moment I will need to know if the system the issue occurs on is overclocked, and if the Blue Screens appear when the CPU is in high usage. I believe that the game uses a lot of resources, and in the presence of Bitdefender it tends to cause the shutdown. If possible,…
  • This value is still 4 2. Click on Start from Windows, choose Run, type regedit then click on Ok . Here go to the next location : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ . 3. Click on the registry entry called "Bdselfpr" and from the right, double click on the Start registry entry . Here change the value to 4…
  • interesting. No reply from support in 4½ months
  • Amazing, I have been using BDIS for 2 yrs. When it starts crashing my PC no one from support can be bothered to reply. Noted and the apropriate action will be taken.
  • If you used a boxed disc version from a retail store/online store i.e. Amazon, you are not on an auto renewal when you registered your key. Spot On
  • Unless you created an account with Avangate, signed into it, and disabled auto-renewal, you're on it. Odds are, you are set up to be charged unless you do the steps I mentioned. Thanks for v.fast reply. Since I didn't buy direct I guess I am safe.
  • Me too, BDIS 2013, XP For BD support since you don't seem to get it. For some (maybe many) users, autoscan runs while the computer is being used, contrary to it's intended behaviour. This causes heavy HD use and, for some, high CPUsage too. either of these slow the machine to a crawl with frequent freezes. Fix the issue of…
  • I have read somewhere that a person from BD offered a hacked firewall module to run the same as on 2011. Can you please provide me a link where I can grab it. dunno if it's what you need, but I think this is what you ask for http://forum.bitdefender.com/index.php?showtopic=32259 post 14
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