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  • i don't i send a support tool for guys i hope this will help you figure out that issue
  • i have the same issue, windows 10 64bit, the port scan fix don't work for me i hope you guys find a real solution to this.
  • This is probably signaling that you are using proxy in Safepay, but the proxy is not recognized or not properly configured. For me it is the first time I hear this. Do you have any specific proxy configuration that you use in other browsers, and these settings works in other browsers? Cristian i use a vpn and open dns but…
    en Safepay Error Comentario por jeanluc69s enero 2016
  • Bonjour jeanluc69s, Voici le changelog de cette version (liste pas exhaustive comme vous pourrez le constater, elle sera complétée au fur et à mesure des confirmations de correction de bugs remontés pour la partie française): Bonjour yann, Merci pour les informations…
    en Update Comentario por jeanluc69s octubre 2015
  • WE WOULD LIKE SOME INFORMATION ON THE UPDATES BITDEFENDER. (please?) Maybe the french forum will have some soon, they did have some for build
  • I ran the rescue disk and nothing. I've also got the Bitdefender uninstall tool previously and had to run it in safe mode to completely uninstall. I can use revo uninstaller to hunt down all registry entries for Mcafee, but I really think it's another program changing the settings in Bitdefender and not any antispyware or…
  • Hi...As far as this Photon technology goes, I can honestly say, that I have seen no improvements to the system scan time, or anything else in the 4 months or so that I have had BD 2015. I generally run a manual scan every week or two and it has remained pretty much constant in its duration. Sometimes a few minutes less,…
  • The blue progress bar has always worked for a build update but not for the definitions updates. I haven't been able to check whether the defs updates show a progress bar yet. you are right it does not work for definition update.
    en New Update Comentario por jeanluc69s mayo 2014
  • +1 update progress bar is back on.
    en New Update Comentario por jeanluc69s mayo 2014