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  • Just now, Microtech said: Hey thanks for the reply. I understand the concept but I am hoping to figure out what it is actually doing. The Game Profile itself is supposed to paused bitdefender functions and alerts. Then there is this real-time optimization in addition to the game profile. It sounds like it somehow affects…
  • On 10/17/2016 at 0:33 PM, Johnny Van Bogaert said: Because i don't get support from Bitdefender, i hope someone reads this topic and can help me. After starting installation i get a message that my internet connection is to slow. But i have a fast internet connection. Then the installation stops. This only happens on one…
  • On 11/23/2016 at 0:37 AM, Microtech said: Hello all and thanks for any help! I'm an IT professional with 20+ years of experience and a computer science degree. I'm new to bitdefender but have used practically all the other antivirus products. I am switching to bitdefender because I like how it has a Game Profile mode. When…
  • 13 hours ago, frodomo said: follow up: I tried generating a BDsys log but the software keeps crashing. I was careful to close every application, rebooted my computer to be sure but it keeps on crashing at the step 3/15 Hi frodomo Do a clean install of bitdefender maybe there are corrupt files and also check for updates in…
  • 16 hours ago, hwoarang5 said: because the developer are lazy and scare shitless of piracy , which is funny it is still being pirated, i been trying to install on my machine, encountering countless issues.. and the online download is slow, its like their server is hosted in India's slum or something... after my license…
  • 2 hours ago, Kryptonic said: This looks to be the same problem I mentioned in the following thread: /index.php?/topic/72761-bdis-2017-vsservexe-spikes-every-5-seconds/&do=embed"> I don't think so my internet is fast also i responded that i have that issue as well but it doesn't slow down my computer
  • On 11/7/2016 at 11:36 AM, Fernando said: Hola, recientemente he instalado Bitdefender y bloquea mi propia pagina!! Aparece el mensaje :"La página está bloqueada por Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools Cloud (Fraude)" La pagina es y no es ningun fraude ni nada de eso. Es una aplicacion en java de…
  • Hola Celsius100 Intenta ver si en soporte hay una solucion o contactales
  • On 11/6/2016 at 0:28 PM, DirkVM said: Hey MattNSW I experience exactly the same issue. We also sent an email to the helpdesk, but with no result... In the meantime, have you already discovered some solutions? Best regards DirkVM Hi MattNSW and DirkVM Have you done a clean uninstall of bitdefender using ccleaner or revo…
  • Disable auto pilot that makes bitdefender block anything suspicious automatically also if you want to disable the modules when you are on the protection tab click on view modules and then click on any cog of any module you want to disable.
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