"about:blank" Virus Comes Always Back When Bitdefender Is Cleaning ...

Modifié (janvier 2013) dans Produits bitdefender 2013

Hi there ... I am sure I have a Virus or malware on my computer equipped with Bitdefender 2013.

I have Windows 8 with internet explorer 10, and in Internet options, Start Page, I always have "about:blank" coming in qnd replacing my first "start page" ...

Every time I need to "remove then reinstall" Internet explorer 8 module, but every time I go to Bitdefender 2013 and suppress some of the liens below, the "about:blank" comes back ?!?


What I also don't really like here is that I am not receiving a notification that bitdefender has found an infected file ... times to times I am going to the page above and see there are sometimes 100 infected files (I have 93 on the image above) ... If Bitdefender was telling me, I could see which internet page or program would harm ...

Any idea how I can get rid of this virus ?

Many Thanks !