Bitdefender won't install so no protection (because of Malwarebytes)

16 of may 2022

Hello everyone! :-)

I tried to install BitDefender Premium. In the process, it asked to uninstal Emisoft, another antivirus. I was going to do it after, because i didn't want to let my system without any protection. But BitDefender was unable to install so i finally uninstalled Emisoft.

Then, BitDefender asked to uninstall my Malwarebytes Pro Lifetime. It should be write in configuration section, to read before installation...

I tried to uninstall MWB by the BitDefender process. But it was unable. I tried to uninstall it by the usual process of Windows 11. But it gets error message. I tried to uninstall it with CCleaner, but it was unable too. I tried with Revo Uninstaller, but it is also unable.

= Now, my computer is nude, without any protection, since many days... :-(

Emisoft is removed. Then, wanting to remove MWB, I had to search, to read, to try many times. All of this is taking time. And Malwarebytes is not able to run now ; it seems to be "broken" because of all those manips... :-(

This is exactly what i was avoiding, and why i would prefer to remove other protection apps, only after a successfull installation of Bitdefender.

So my question is: Is there a way to force Bitdefender to install ? Even if there is another protection app on the system?

My priority is to put a protection on my device. After that, and only after, i would put my time to search a way to remove MWB.

Does anyone knows how to force Bitdefender to install at first ?

Thanks for reading! :-)


16 mai 2022

Bonjour tout le monde! :-)

J'ai pris le forfait BitDefender Premium. Lors de l'installation, Bitdefender demande de désinstaller Emisoft (antivirus). J'avais l'instention de l'enlever après l'installation de Bitdefender, car je ne voulais pas laisser mon appareil sans aucune protection, mais je l'ai fait, puisque Bitdefender l'exigeait.

Puis BitDefender demande de désinstaller Malwarebytes Pro. Je voulais le garder, mais je le fais. Or la désinstallation est impossible. J'ai fait plusieurs manipulations en vain.

= Maintenant je me retrouve avec un ordi sans aucune protection depuis quelques jours! :-(

= Est-il possible de contourner cette exigence, de forcer BitDefender à s'installer? Au moins, j'aurais une protection... C'est prioritaire...

(Ensuite je pourrais chercher sur internet des solutions pour désinstaller Malwarebytes. Je trouve ça étrangre qu'un antivirus refuse de s'installer. Il me semble que le plus urgent, le plus important, est d'avoir une protection. )

Je suis inquiète car je n'ai plus de protection. Qui peut m'aider?

Merci infiniment!