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Political neutrality


Political neutrality

People working in state services (officials) have to work politically morally on the basis of their duty. It needs to work neutrally and implement government policies.

State employees must be unreasonable while carrying out their responsibilities , functions and capabilities, an established constitutional conference in New Zealand. This is a policy that reduces the state of the regular employment of state employees and enables the state employees to provide daily services related to policy (including policy development).

What does this mean for the state workers?

This means that the state employees must have jobs from their jobs outside their politics and politics.

This guide opportunity

Decisions, actions, and counseling related to political neutrality can be difficult for everyone - responsible for the advice of the chief executive and the staff of the directors, and for private state friends who can keep personal political opinions with strong commitment. A politically neutral state professional service

It is not effective for giving such directions in every possible case, because in each case the situation will be different. This document only provides guidelines - a set of operating policies - not a set of rules.

Freedom of expression

Public employees have the same right to public opinion outside of the field as a general public.

Outside of work, lunch, and other breaks and flexible job arrangements, when they may be absent from work, will usually be included.

Like any other employee, government employees will not be able to take revenge on their employers.

Freedom of association

Together with state-owned statutory rights and organizations (with trade unions) and becoming a member of trade unions, it can be an expression of political opinion at work, in a limited range.

Public employees of the society have the same rights. Political expression and participation must be taken by the person's own time.

In this way union activities are directed towards political expression within the workplace, it should be occasionally and should be performed in dedicated places for union activities. In this case, such activities should not be visible to the general public.