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Wieso blockiert Bitdefender den Schreibzugriff auf bestimmte Ordner


Hallo miteinander!

Wenn Bitdefender ein File in einem Ordner als bedrohlich eingestuft hat (beispielsweise während einer Installation) und man dem Programm sagt "Nein, das ist kein seltsamer Trojaner, das ist ok so!" und das File wiederherstellen möchte, kann es nicht mehr in den ursprünglicher Ordner wiederhergestellt werden. Auch ein verschieben dieser Datei oder einer anderen dorthin ist nicht mehr möglich, auch eine Neuinstallation des Programmes nach Deinstallation nicht.

Der nämliche Ordner ist dann auf immer und alle Zeit gesperrt und bislang habe ich keine Funktion entdecken können, mit der sich das wieder aufheben lässt.

Bin bislang sehr zufrieden mit Bitdefender, aber ohne Lösung für dieses Problem, fliegt das Programm mitsamt meinem Abbonement vom Rechner und ich muss mich anderweitig umsehen.

Jemand 'ne Idee?


Hi folks,

If Bitdefender thinks a file (while installing a program) is a threat and I tell the program "No it's not a Trojan, it's ok!" und i want it to be restored again, it simply can't write it into the installation folder. I also cannot copy that file back into that folder as it's protected it says. Even if I deinstall and reinstall that program with Bitdefender turned off, this fails, as the installer now can't write the files in that folder.

That folder seems to be locked forever and I haven't found a way to change that.

I'm quite satisfied with Bitdefender but if this problem persists the program has to go, as will my subscription.

Does anybody know what to do?


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    Kindly contact Bitdefender support by visiting

    Depending on your selected product and the type of issue you're facing, you can reach a support representative via email, chat, or phone.

    If you choose email support, you will receive a ticket number in your registered email. Please generate and attach the following logs to the ticket:

    Generate Bitdefender BDsysLog:

    Generate Bitdefender Support Tool Log:

    Generate Bitdefender Connectivity Log:

    If the generated logs are large, you can upload them to Google Drive or WeTransfer (with a 7-day link validity for free users). Alternatively, you can ask the support team for the Bitdefender Cloud upload link and password.

    The support team will respond to the same email within the next 24-48 hours, excluding weekends.


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  • Thanks a lot.

    I navigated the odyssey necessary to get at least a tiny bit of somehow related information from the "support" site you provided - which sent me here in the first place - but there is no email function visible which I could use to send the logs to or even state my problem. Just another bunch of FAQs I already read and that didn't help me at all. That's the reason I asked here: I have seen no possibility to contact customer support but get again and again sent to this forum (or to a link where I could buy the software. Again.)

    What you've sent is a standard answer in these threads here and doesn't in any way adress my problem. So thanks for copy and paste, this is not helping. Most of all not without an email adress provided.

    Any further ideas what could be done or at least an email adress I could send my description of the problem to (withouth getting a another standardized answer again)?

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    The direct contact email address to bitdefender support has been closed.

    Try this:

    1) Go to

    2) Select Purchase & Manage Subscription

    3) Choose My Bitdefender Central Account

    4) Select Contact Support, and you will be presented with the options of chat, email, and phone.


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