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Why doesn't bitdefender detect ad popup in photo editing app?


This ad popup only appears on my screen when I'm using Photo Studio App editing a photo. It's happened more than once and I've notified photo studio and they tell me it's not coming from them. Shouldn't my bitdefender mobile security web protection detect this and alert me??

I've attached screenshots below of ad popup.

Thank you for your help and time!

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  • Alexandru_BD
    Alexandru_BD admin
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    Hello @Sarecee and thanks for joining us here.

    That looks like a phishing ad. These notifications and pop-ups are common, but usually do not have anything malicious attached to them, but when you click on them, they will redirect to malicious sites that try to collect your data or install abusive or dangerous software.

    Bitdefender cannot take any direct measures related to this type of notifications, such as adware that you agreed on or something you enabled, like site setting, site notification, redirects in your browser or installed toolbars, extensions or applications. It may not block them, but it will block any malicious page or attempt to install dubious software/apps in the event the phishing link is accessed.

    I do recommend Ublock Origin to block ads, and also recommend using the Bitdefender Anti tracker extension, to stop tracking cookies. You can find out more about adware by clicking on the below article:

    A browser reset and removing unwanted extensions from it should be enough as these notifications and pop-ups are usually browser related (detailed steps are available in the attached link). If this is not the case, the app you are using may come bundled with ad-based software.

    I hope this helps.



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  • Flexx
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    To add here, you will have to use a web browser which has an integrated ad blocker and privacy blocker. These web browsers will block trackers and pop-ups. You can download these web browsers from the Google Play Store. Below are some examples:

    1) Ghostery Privacy Browser:

    2) Adblock Browser: Fast & Secure:

    3) AdGuard for Android:


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  • Sarecee

    Thank you Alexandria for your help and time. It's most appreciated!

    Have a wonderful day!