Very important about much needed support for Linux Zorin OS and Linux distros


With many waking up to the dangers of A.I. and corporate tracking
getting worse, we are not wanting to go to Windows 11, especially the
new versions due to A.I.; and Microsoft, Apple and many companies
wanting to force A.I. and neuro processing units, tracking and processes
down all our throats. 

I will NOT be upgrading my hardware at this time because I definitely do
NOT want ANY Copilot, A.I. augmented reality, virtual reality, Recall,
or ANY universal tracking of any kind coming from these invasive
products and OS's. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring back Bitdefender
products for ALL Linux distros. We are talking about for ALL your

The best Windows-like in appearance and feel is Zorin OS, and thousands
of people will be going to Zorin OS and just keeping Windows 10 Pro even
after end of life for a few things. But the most used OS will be Linux.

I will be moving to a LInux distro called Zorin OS, which is as close to
Windows as you can get, but still be Linux-based. We are VERY upset
with the direction Apple, and especially Microsoft are heading. And
other companies like nVidia, AMD, and even Intel, want to put neural
processing units with A.I. in their future hardware. Some are already
doing it.  And more companies will be doing it sooner than later also.
This is globalism, and will remove our rights and choices as consumers. 

I am not planning on even upgrading my computer, and definitely not with
ANY type of A.I./NPU hardware and CPUs in it. Although LInux generally
is not known to need an antivirus, I will still be connected to the
internet, and your more advanced products should be considered necessary
for anyone connected with a computer to the internet, no matter what. 

Will you be giving support for Linux any time soon? Things are changing
drastically in technology, and we need support for Linux distros,
especially Zorin OS for all Windows users going to an easier, more
familiar distro.


  • Flexx
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    Both Linux Mint and Zorin OS are based on Ubuntu, an open-source operating system derived from Debian Linux. Despite some home users shifting to Linux, its market share is still smaller compared to macOS and Windows. According to Bitdefender, there are currently no plans to develop a Bitdefender product for Linux home users, despite numerous requests.

    If you still want a Bitdefender product for Linux, the only option is to use Bitdefender's business/enterprise products, which do provide support for Linux.

    Even companies like ESET, Avast, and Kaspersky, which had developed Linux products for home users, have stopped doing so and shifted their Linux product development to business/enterprise. This clearly indicates that the Linux market is still not significant enough. One antimalware vendor can be wrong, two can be wrong, but not all of them. So you have your answer now.

    If you want to use a Linux antimalware product for home users, you can use ClamAV ( )


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  • Scott
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    Agree with @Flexx post, as to add F-Secure to the list of AV's that are not supporting Linux. So it's not uncommon for the more well known AV companies to not support Linux for their home users, and then trying to maintain all the variations of Linux as well, and which ones?

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