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Android phones & Bitdefender Total Security


I have Bitdefender Total Security on 2 computers and have had it on my android phones for awhile because my plan says it works on Android systems too. I just upgraded my phones and removed Bitdefender from them and added it back to my new phones. When I look at my account online it looks like the devises are protected, but on my phones it says that I need to purchase the Mobile Security. Why is that if my initial plan says it covers android devices too?

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  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @PBarb999,

    To add here, make sure Mobile Security on those Android devices is linked to your Central account, where the Total Security subscription is running. To check this / refresh the subscription, open the Bitdefender Mobile Security app installed on your Android device, then tap the triangle  on the bottom navigation bar. Tap your e-mail address and choose to log out of your account. Then sign in again using the e-mail address and the password associated with your Bitdefender Central account. After applying this procedure on all your Android devices, they should appear protected both in the Central account and the BMS app should no longer display a trial version.

    Let us know how it goes.



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