Request for Assistance: False Positive Flagging of Our Application by Bitdefender



I am reaching out because our application has recently been flagged as suspicious by Bitdefender.

To provide some context:

  1. We have checked our SSL certificate with our provider, and everything is up to date and functioning correctly.
  2. We also verified our site on VirusTotal, and no issues were detected.
  3. We have never encountered this type of problem before with Bitdefender or any other antivirus software.

One of our clients reported seeing the following message from Bitdefender when trying to access a link from our application:

"The connection to this web page is not secure because the security certificate does not match. This means that the certificate was issued to a different web address than the one for which it is being used, and you risk exposing your data by accessing this page."

We believe this might be a false positive. Could you please help us understand why our application has been flagged? Additionally, is it possible to whitelist our site to prevent this from happening in the future?

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,