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I know this was requested before but just today the AV vendor ESET has officially added support for Brave Browser. Actually, ESET was already doing HTTPS Scanning/Encrypted web scan on Brave but with the latest update it now officially supports it.

Bitdefender can block known malicious/phishing sites accessed in Brave, but it doesn't do "Encrypted web scan". So malicious javascripts loaded in the browser are not detected.

Brave is gaining popularity, adding new users every month. This rate of new user will increase even more when Chromium browsers officially stop supporting MV2 extensions, so adblockers like uBlock Origin will stop working. The alternate MV3 based adblockers are weaker. So, Brave with its internal adblocker is gaining users.

So, I think Bitdefender should officially support Brave. It's based on Chromium and receives updates quicker than any other Chromium browsers (usually within 24 hours of a Chrome update). So, compatibility shouldn't be an issue.


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