Split tunnelling


Does anyone have any recommendations or fixes on why I can't get split tunnel to work properly?When I use whatismyip.com to check whether or not it is working, the site will always tell me the VPN IP.


  • Alexandru_BD


    If whatismyip.com shows your VPN IP address, it means that your internet traffic is being routed through the VPN. This doesn't necessarily confirm whether split tunneling is working or not. Split tunneling allows you to route some of your traffic through the VPN while other traffic goes through your regular internet connection. You can check if split tunneling is working by doing this:

    Visit a website using a VPN connection. If whatismyip shows your VPN IP, that part is working correctly. Then visit a website or use a service/app that you have configured to bypass the VPN through split tunneling. Check if it shows your regular IP address. If it does, then split tunneling is working as intented - bypasses the VPN connection.

    I hope this helps.



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  • Maunton

    I guess I should have stated that I did configure the vpn split tunnel for whatismyip.com and it still showed the ip of the vpn not my original ip.

  • Maunton
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    Steps I took to get the VPN split-tunnel working:

    1. Uninstall and re-install the VPN

    2. Added whatismyip.com to the split-tunnel

    3. Added whatismyip.com to the Ad blocker and Anti-tracker websites of trust

    4. Verify that the original IP is showing up on whatismyip.com, bypassing the VPN connection.

    5. Periodically check whatismyip.com. If it is showing the VPN IP then hit the 'Reset settings' button and go back to step 2.