I Give Up, BD VPN Just Will Not work Here

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At home where I'm on fiber, everything works fine but out here, I can't use it. By "out here" I mean my summer place in CO mountains where my "high speed internet" is 10mb at best download and 2mb upload. Latency is quadrupled with the VPN on. Half of my websites don't load. Click off the VPN, things work fine.

Interestingly enough, the company computer than has it's own VPN has very little trouble here.

Maybe if I break down and try Starlink, things will work better.😕


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @XLADLK,

    That mountain retreat sounds nice and cozy.

    Check if this article helps:


    These are the usual steps to take in the situation you are describing. In the event nothing helps, maybe it would be a good idea to contact your ISP provider to check if any bandwidth throttling is involved, or to upgrade the connection altogether, if possible.

    Enjoy the summer out there.



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