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just purchased Bitdefender VPN cannot get it to work , it say up address has been exposed please help I called customer support tired of dealing with them. can someone help me or I Will take it at a loss 40 bucks down the drain Motorola one hyper android 11


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    Hi @zakk2115

    Maybe @Alexandru_BD is able to see or knows what's going on from his end.

    And if needed, there is a 30 day money back guarantee, so no worries there.

    Kind regards.

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  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @zakk2115,

    Was the installation of the VPN succcessfull on your mobile device and can you see the expiration date in Central? Is it accurate? If the subscription is active, do you encounter this issue when trying to establish a VPN connection and does this happen no matter what server you choose? Does the app also return an error message/code? We'll need a lot more information than the simple message that the ip is exposed to find out what's happening there. If possible, kindly attach a screenshot of the VPN app on your phone when trying to connect.


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    thank you for the info Alex. Cheers