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Spam In Wrong Folder


Have been using BDIS for years and had no problems until I upgraded to BDIS9 this product is very buggy, I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling making sure everything was erased. Works at first but after updates the anti spam stops sending the spam to my delete folder it just stays in the inbox. if I mark any emails as spam they are sent to the right folder. All settings are correct, support have not responded to any of my emails even though I have been sent tickets. From what I have read on the forums I am lucky it could be far worse! Unless someone has a answer I will wait for a update for this product, surely with this many ongoing problems they are planning to send out a major update to fix this software.


  • Just to bring this problem up to date, Have been contacted by Bitdefender support twice they were unable to solve the problem but recogmended a workround using MS Outlook to create a new mail rule to filter all tagged spams to the Delete folder, This has worked.