Unable To Detect Other Computers On Network

I am unable to see and communicate to any of the other computers on my home network. Prior to installing the 2009 version everything was hunky dory (Bitdefender Internet Security 2008). Now I am unable to connect using explorer (in vista) or by using Network tab in Bitdefender. It shows my host computer but nothing else. I have XP installed on another drive (dual boot) and I can connect to the other computers no problem. The other computers I'm trying to connect to still have Bitdefender internet security 2008 installed. I understand from the 2009 documentation that the Network Utility (tab) should detect other computers on the network whether they have Bitdefender (current version or not) or any other machine for that matter.


  • in this case you should try to add a trusted zone in the Firewall module for each other computer you want to add :ph34r: . follow the steps below:

    - select the Firewall in Advanced View;

    - open the Network tab;

    - select the used network under Zones (either Local Area Connection or Wireless Connection);

    - click on the icon with a "+" from the Zones part;

    - select one computer from that list, either by name or by IP;

    - from the Action menu, select Trusted;

    - click on OK;

    - you should see a zone being added in the Zones list for that computer and you should be able to access it now. :blink:

  • Excellent, That worked perfectly. Problem solved, Thanks Rsenic.

  • u're welcome :ph34r:

  • Hi

    I also have this problem eventhough I have followed rsenic's instructions

    - my main computer can see and access my second computer

    - my main can add the second and the second shows up red in the list dialog activated by "Add Computer"

    - but I get the error "BD is not installed or cannot be accessed"

    - both computers have been added in the "zones" section with Trust=allow

    - both computers can ping each other by IP or by name

    - both can search for each other (Start Menu->Search->Computers or people->A compute on the network)

    - network adapters on each computer is set to : Trust Level=Full Trust, Stealth=remote, Generic=no, Gateways=same on all computers

    My second computer gets the error "<workgroup> is not accessible" when opening my workgroup in My Network Places

    - This I believe causes the "Add Computer" list dialog in my second to show nothing (none of my network computers)

    - Probably the reason for my whole problem

    - I cannot access my workgroup even if I disable the firewall

    - I have to uninstall BD IS 2009 from in order for my second computer to access the workgroup

    - however my second can always access shared folders on my main computer :blink:

    My third computer also has this same problem

    - except when adding it from my main computer I get the error "This computer is already added to your network" huh?

    - but my third computer does not show up in my BD network

    - It doesn't show up even if I click on the "refresh" button nor if I reboot both main and third computer

    All 3 computers could connect to each other before installing BD 2009

    Both second and third computer were successfully added to my BD network at the time BD was installed

    For some reason, it isn't anymore, after a few reboots.

    It's only been 3 days since I installed BD on all the computers

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • pcbugfixer
    edited January 2009

    G'Day pengster,

    Obviously for the BitDefender Network to communicate with the other BitDefender Network PC, Each must have BitDefender (preferably same version) installed on each of the PC's that you want BitDefender Network to communicate with.

    Also, It is preferable to have a uniform Operating System Platform, i.e. all XP Pro sp3 - or all Vista business, as an example only.

    Vista can see XP but you will have issues for XP to see Vista. There are also Protocol issues to consider.

    All of this is difficult without knowing the OS platforms of the PC's that you are using and if in fact you have the same BD installed on all of them.

    Please be more specific in describing your PC and LAN (Local Area Network) setup.

    Other consideration is knowing that you ONLY use one Internet Security Suite on each of your PC's and you do not have any other Firewalls or anti-virus programs running while BDIS 2009 is.

    After that, Rsenic or I will be able to offer specific fixes for your issue.


  • hi pcbugfixer,

    you're right, sorry. I forgot about that.

    All my PCs are XP pro.

    My main computer is installed with BD Total Security 2009

    The others are running BD Internet Security 2009

    I have 2 other computers in the house, call them 4th and 5th.

    4th is an always on PC, with XP pro and BD IS 2009. It has no problems whatsoever.

    5th is a laptop with XP pro and BD TS 2009. It also has a different problem.

    but it is not always on and I'm not worried about it yet.

    I made a typo in my previous post.

    At first I had BD TS 2009 on my 2nd computer

    I uninstalled it because everything was running really slow.

    It could access the network after I uninstalled BD

    I re-installed BD IS 2009 on it and it couldn't access the network anymore

    but it runs a little better now.

    I have just 1 router that serves all computers.

    All computers have static ip adresses.

    All computers could see or access each other prior to installing BD

    previously I had Kaspersky on all my computers

    I uninstalled Kaspersky and rebooted before installing BD on all computers

    I hope this helps

    Thanks in advance for any help


  • Did anybody ever sort this problem out?

    Having the same, sometimes computers are recognized other times not.