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[pending]bitdefender Antivirus 2009 Locks Up My Computer


I recently uninstalled bitdefender antivirus v10(worked great), and installed antivirus 2009(using windows xp). It seems to run fine until I use programs such as windows media player or roxio creator or put a disc into the dvd drive. Everything freezes up. My dvd drive will also not recognize any disc put in it. I have to cut the power to restart. After restart everything is fine until I use programs again. I can surf the web ok, but seems to be issues with these programs running or using the dvd drive. I have not tried other programs yet to see if it happens to them. I tried uninstalling antivirus 2009 and reinstalling v10, but no icon appears in the system tray, and when I double click on the shortcut icon, nothing happens. I would like to stay with antivirus 2009, but seems to be some issues going on. Any ideas?


  • It is trying to activate the removable media scan pop up window whenever you enter a media such as: disc, floppy, usb, or external hard drive and it is most likely freezing up your pc. There is an option that allows you to deactivate the removable media scanning window, but haven't found it. Will post back when I do. It is worth a chance of fixing your problem or if your impatient; try contacting support directly.

  • you can find that option in bitdefender - switch to advanced view - antivirus module - virus scan and select the icon in the left part of the device detection, under Misc tasks; in the properties window, select the 2nd tab, Detection, and uncheck the 2 first options. then see if the issue still occurs. also, you should check the 3rd tab, Logs, in order to see if they coincide with the freeze times.

  • Did you manage to solve this MLK? I too have the same problem, insert a CD or DVD and the system just locks ups. It even manged to mess up my Zip drive, informing me that the disk was not formatted, even though I've used it loads of time in the past. I've tried changing the device detection settings (both checked/unchecked) as suggested in the previous posts, all to no avail. I usual just end up with the screen showing my wallpaper and no icons, which then requires a reboot.

    Any help anyone can give would be much appreciated.

  • s8three, did you try to disable the bitdefender antivirus completely?
  • I've created a ticket for you two and send it over to support so that you can provide some log files and information. It seems that this issue is effecting many people lately and we think it could also be related to some other software present on your system.

  • Rsenic. As suggested I disabled everything through the Bitdfender interface. Unfortunately it didn't make any difference, still locks up.

    Florin. I've emailed over a couple of log files and applications info as requested to Bitdefender support. Look forward to receiving a reply.

  • I've given up waiting for a fix for this problem, and have received no feedback from BD. What use is a pc if you can't use the CD/DVD drive?

    I've since switched to ESET NOD32 anti-virus software and it seems to work a treat.