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Issues Bd 2009 & Vista 64


I have ran BD 2009 with pretty good results on Vista 32, however I just recently reloaded my machine with vista 64 to take advantage of more ram and I have started noticing issues where "VSSERV" service will stop running or the security center console will not open. Does anybody have any those on these issues.


  • Yes, I am having the same problem. Am getting no satisfaction from support either.

  • Add me to the list of the frustrated. I jumped through all of the hoops:

    - Downloaded their logging tools

    - Wait for the next time it dies, capture the logs, mail them in

    - Get the advice to uninstall everything, disable windows defender, reinstall everything

    Now I get even more crashes of vsserv.exe, and it's driving me nuts.

    I am starting to suspect the autoupdate settings - When I switched over to "Prompt before installing updates", it started asking to install quite frequently (every hour or so). When I got sick of clicking ok every hour, I switched in back to silent update mode, where it then died a short time later.

    Neither option seems very good. :-(

    My XP 32 machines are able to run BitDefender quite well, but Vista x64 performance is totally unacceptable.