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How Bitdefender Can/should Improve.

edited January 2009 in General talk

Hello. (Recently purchased BitDefender Total Security 2009)

This is important.

BitDefender should improve if not develop new heuristics: since this is part of the way to the future in such software.

BD should FOCUS on the most important things. Though a sleek and highly navigatable user interface is always nice.

It should remain lean and efficient such that it does not end up like Symantec (hogging resources).

And should remember its duty, and specialize in its antivirus software, lest it become completely overcome by Kaspersky.

(Improve anti-spyware capabilities would be nice).

BitDefender has great potential to be hands down arguably the best security software in the world. So long as it focuses on the above.

BitDefender may already be arguably one of the best in what it says it does, but it must not become complacent, and always focus on improvement. Especially in heuristics and detection rates, whilst maintaining a light footprint. Whatever you do, do not end like Norton.

It would be tragic to see BitDefender to be completely outrated by Kaspersky or Nod32. Even now, it apears that Kaspersky often outrates BitDefender if not the other way around. Never be complacent.