While installing bit defender anti-virus 2009 the program hung at the end,there was no "program not responding" or anything like that so i left it alone thinking it was updating or something like that after 15 minutes of this i decides to kill the process and reboot the machine,after rebooting i was greeted with the windows log on screen telling me that my user profile is corrupt.i am not able to log on any more to my profile so i am hear to say"THANKS BIT DEFENDER FOR A PROGRAM THAT HAS DONE MORE HARM TO MY COMPUTER THAN ANY VIRUS I HAVE ENCOUNTERED IN 15 YRS..........YOU GUYS ARE TOP SHELF PRODUCT"i believe i will renew my KASPERSKY licence......teach me for trying to find a better product that doesn't exist!!!thanks and see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <img class=" /> :angry:<img class=" /> :angry:

P.S-will definitely let every site i visit or belong to know about this one

P.S.S-thanks for making it very easy to contact you guys via e-mail!!!!!!