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Any Solution To The Garena Problem?


For those who are unaware while you have BitDefender Internet Security 2009 installed you are unable to play Warcraft III games through Garena. BDIS 2008 did not have this problem nor does any other anti-virus software (with a few exception in the past which have been resolved). As far as I know the problem is due to BD denying Garena's virtual lan even though Garena is in all whitelists and exception lists available in BD.

For the past few hours I have been searching the internet (google, garena and this forum) for solutions to this problem - I tested more than 5 different solutions and none of them worked for me - it's the same "Cannot connect to network" error and that's it! This is an issue that BD developers must resolve as this problem only occurs in BDIS 2009. Yes, I think that BD is probably the best Anti-Virus software but does it have to come with the restriction of playing games with your favourite software? Do I have to choose from having a virus-free PC without games or an unprotected gamer PC? This is just ridiculous ...

Please address this issue as fast as possible ...


  • This issue has been reported to the support and test are underway to see what is the main problem that stops Garena from working.

  • Looking FORWARD to this because I don't really want to uninstall bitdefender to play on garena , just so you people understand how big this problem is , on garena there are thousands of players .

  • UP , if this problem is not fixed soon i will quit bitdefender .

  • Any progress? This is really annoying!

  • Niels

    Dear RaGiNGWhiSPeR,

    Did you created rules in the firewall for all Garena executables that are located in the install directory? Did you also checked by events: listen,traffic,connect and everything under adapter types press also on advanced. Let it set on ip: any and this both on local as by remote address. Press on ok. When you are in the rules section press on advanced an move the rules fo Garena to the top.

    Kind regards,


  • CasperSand
    edited February 2009


    I have the same problem, and I started a topic back in the beginning of january.

    I've also contaced bitdefender support through email, and they got me to run two kind of logs, which i sent back to them. I've haven't heard from them yet, though it's soon a month ago I did it.

    Niels, as you can see Florin Stiuca writes above, that bitdefender are looking into it - the reason why is that Garena DONT work, even if you let all exe files go to the firewall aporved list ect ect ect... If there was an easy solution, it would already have been found. It's a problem that bitdefender have had for quite some month now. I play competitive e-sports through garena, so at the moment I've uinstalled bitdefender to be able to play the games there... It's about time that bitdefender finds a solution on this problem, it can't be true that users have to uninstall bitdefender software, to make programs work as they should...!