Bd 2009 Downgrade To Bd 2008

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Hi All,

First post here... because I'm very disappointed in BD 2009.

I'm using BD since version 8. I preferred it above other well known products, because of it's speed and lightweight.

I recommended it to a lot of friends and had until version 2009 nothing negative to say about it.

But... and it's a big but!

Since I installed version 2009 a few weeks ago, my pc keeps on hanging on what it seems to be random events.

Some of my problems:

1) Every now and then (in general every 20 tot 30 minutes) BD 2009 checkes for new updates of products om my computer... resulting in losing my focus in the program that I was using. Very annoying and a bug that also was present in version 8 a few years back (with the update function) . In the end the solutions was...waiting until version 9 came out. Some had it, others didn't. I got spared luckily.

In version 2009 the solution appears to be to disable the Vulnerability option.

2) On random web pages, especially with a lot of (java)scripts on, BD 2009 freezes my pc making it unresponsive to anything. Only downloads or background network activity continues to work. Only solution is to reboot the PC and hope you didn't loose any valuable information. Part of the solution is to disable realtime online http and anti phishing scanning. The freezes keep happening, only less regular.

3) Every now and then, when my pc bootes up, the BD icon doesn't appear in the statusbar. Nothing works to get it back but... yes again... rebooting. A few times I also had a javascript error popping up concerning some interface bug.

Null exception... OMG! Who programmed this?

4) I totally dislike that BD integrates itself visually in Messenger Live. The logo does not belong there, nor have I given any agreement to alter my Messenger Live installation. This can be considered as malware or something like that. Just give the option to remove it.

5) I could go one for another few points...

For the first time since version 8! I am really disappointed in BD and would never again advise to use it to friends.

When I read all the problems on this forum, I can only agree with everyone that something has to be done.

Especially when you see that some already have those problems for months!

I wonder myself why I paid for a new license for 3! years when the product doesn't work as it should.

Especially if you know that I chose BD above a Symantec alternative, which my company is the largest partner of in my country... bad idea :/

Oh by the way, yes I used the uninstall tool several times and reinstalled it over and over again. Doesn't do sh**.

So I have 2 questions:

1) Can I use my 2009 key for version 2008, which worked like a dream for me (I had to upgrade for the new key, since my 2008 license wasn't valid anymore...)

2) Can I get a refund, because this product is incomplete and has a lot of bugs. Shouldn't be sold in the first place.

Oh wait, option 3:

When is there coming a, lets say, 2009.x release resolving all these problems? Or do we have to wait until version 2010?

Can someone please give me, and all the others on this forum, any decent information?

To be complete, I'm using BD 2009 Internet Security on a Vista 64bit machine.

I know my IT, even got a degree in it, so don't offer me the uninstall and reinstall option again... the problem is in the coding.


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  • Fredric

    I used the same key on BDIS 2009 and then on BDIS 2008. It worked just fine and I'll be staying with 2008 until my license expires and then will buy something else, like the Norton that people are now saying is now very good.