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Disgusted With This "product"


I am posting this as a future warning to ANYBODY looking into purchasing this "so called" PRODUCT

I will post my email to Bit Defender, to which i have not yed had a reply!

Feel free to flame, etc etc, as i don't care who has had a "good experience" with this company. My PC is now ruined thanks to paying my hard earned to this company. My PC will no longer shutdown on it's own, it always runs CHKDSK everytime i restart (has to be a manual restart as my pc freezes every time i click "shutdown") and now i can't uninstall bit defender AT ALL (system freezes when i try to use the link to the uninstaller, and won't uninstall when i use windows uninstaller, it just freezes)

To anyone reading, i really don't care for anyone insulting the way in which i have gone about this, all i care about is the fact my pc won't perform basic processes without taking ages, won't shutdown anymore, and won't uninstall this absolute waste of money"

EDIT: since writing this "rant" i have been re funded, but my PC remains the same....F***ED

Here is my email which i sent to bit defender "nbillington" for the full story (sorry i can't be arsed to re type all of the problems i had with this...)

I will start from the beginning. I arrived home from work today, and decided that my current antivirus program was not up to standard, so i looked on the intenet and came across your service. I read what Bit Defender 2009 was capable of, and thought for £16 it was worth a try. I paid you my hard earned, and downloaded the setup file. I uninstalled all antivirus, adware, and spyware programs on my system BEFORE i ran the setup, then i proceeded through your setup procedure ( i restarted my PC after the uninstallation of previous software, before running setup)

Bit Defender was installed and required a restart, I clicked the button to restart my pc and my system began to shut down. However, my pc did not restart for AT LEAST 5 minutes, which is strange for my pc. Once it did eventually restart, i proceeded to run "BitDefender" It came up with the alerts screen. I had one alert for an update, and one alert for a system scan for malware. I clicked the "fix these problems" and nothing happened... i clicked again, and again, and eventually i got a screen saying, "BitDefender services are not responding" so i followed the instructions (at the bottom of the screen) and tried to restart my PC. This time, i waited approximately HALF AN HOUR and my pc had STILL not restarted! I had no other choice but to manually shut down my PC. Once back into my system, i decided to shut it down straight away, to re attempt a fresh restart. Again, my PC did not shut down, it just FROZE. So again, i had to manually shut the PC down. Only this time my PC started up, it decided to run CHKDSK. During the procedure, BitDefenders name came up several times (of which i have photographic evidence!)

Once back into my system, BitDefender was STILL not working, so i looked to the forums, i followed advice to use your online link to the uninstaller and proceeded to uninstall the program, and then re install it. However, now when i click the application that i downloaded from you (the setup program), it does NOTHING!.

Last resort, i used your Live assistance and eventually was greeted by someone by the name of "SAWYER" who asked my account details. I gave him my order number and he said he would refund me! he then asked if there was anything else he could help with, so i proceeded to tell him the story i am telling you now. However, i did not get to finish the online conversation, and the concerns i have, because "SAWYER" responded, "this is awkward", and then said "i will refund you" followed by "have a nice day" and then he cut off the conversation....

I am absolutely DISGUSTED that i PAID for your product, and i have recieved absolutey NO help whatsoever in resolving my problem. I have had NO reciept, telling me i have been re funded my money, and above all, I have been LEFT with a PC that is now corrupt, that has to run CHKDSK everytime it starts up! If i do not recieve a satisfactory answer as to why i have been treated by your company like this, and have not recieved a solution to resolve the state of my pc, which your program has left it in, I regret that i will be seeking legal advice on how to persue this matter further.

I Look forward to your reply on this matter


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    Hello, Locki,

    I have been using BitDefender for the past four years now - and believe me when I say it's the best thing that could ever have happened to my machine, as previously I was having endless trouble with a very well-known AV that could not even block or delete certain viruses like Acebo, and especially the Datom that just kept replicating itself all the time! Oh, and the absolute nightmare was the opaserv worm - but no prizes foir guessing which AV eventually sorted out those nasties? BD! And I was not even running BD at the time, but that incident made me a disciple of BD for life... I have now upgraded once again - this time to the 2009 version, and it is a pleasure to see how it protects my system...

    Locki, I'm a 75-year old woman who knows virtually zilch about computers, but I do know that there must have been something wrong on your system to have bombed out like that when installing BD - it wouldn't install nicely on my hubby's computer at first, but after running a scandisk, it installed all right. So please, before running the product down, check your system?

    Best of luck!

  • melckman3d
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    I got a problem with bit defender. bit defender do not recognize the viruses ... on the memory card. or else .... Why are files in the folder with the photos ... ... PalBTN so named folder that is hidden and how can I get rid of him ... when I bought the phone into the folder with pictures and was not ... after a while appeared. I want to get rid of him, but how? please somebody help me ... but in romanian language ...because i don't understand very good english, k? thanks. times to help me from ... but in English they do not know English very well, thanks a lot. :ph34r: thank you all ... more melckman3d from Romania. I apologize for misunderstanding the comment.

  • Hello, Melckman, please check your Private messages!

  • pcbugfixer
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    G'Day Locki,

    Just for interest a couple of questions,

    1. Which BD product did you install ?

    2. What operating system did you install it on ?

    3. What other Security or Anti-virus program(s) did you have installed ?

    4. What installation method ( Default or custom) did you follow when you installed the BD ?

    5. Was your system clean, or did you install the BD product to help you clean a virus infection ?

    6. Did you download the BD product to your PC and then use the BD file to install it, or did you install (run) the installer live while on the Internet ?

    Installations can go wrong for a multitude of reasons and I get the feeling that you may not have read the Installation Instructions and recommendations before you installed the BD product !

    I have installed BD products for many years and have had bad installations occur, which in most instances have been for or caused by badly constructed and installed OS's (Operating System's) followed by badly maintained Hard Drive (File and Folder) structures, i.e. not updated, optimized and never cleaned of Temp Files and folders and the most common being, having other Security or Anti-virus, and other Anti-"anyname" type programs still active and installed while attempting to install yet another program of the same type.

    Just because your installation has gone wrong, has no bearing, in my opinion, on the BD products as any Application Program installation can go wrong and as you say, "F ****D" your PC. Bad installations can occur with and includes any other Publishers Security Suite or Anti-Virus or the like programs.

    Your installation did not go smoothly and you needed to have an out_let for your disappointment and frustration, which ended up in this "Rant" of yours in your 1st post on this forum !! - Good start - "Blame others for possibly your own or 'Murphy's Law' errors?"

    Murphy's Law goes something like this, "What can go wrong, will eventually go wrong" its only a matter of time when this happens to you.

    Anyway, answer the questions please as I am interested to find out why the installation went wrong - Thanks.


  • his computer just sux