Bd Oversensitivity


Hello all. I've been a loyal user of BitDefender for over a year now, and I have to say that I love it, however, I'm having an aggravating issue which I would like some assistance on. I recently (yesterday) reformatted my PC and reinstalled Windows XP Home Edition, with Service Pack 3 and all available updates. I then installed a my copy of Bitdefender 2008 Total Security. However, its being surprisingly sensitive. Its now leading full blown OMGVIRUS assaults on EVERYTHING it sees. If an HTML document appears on my PC (even one I wrote that says "why me" and nothing else, to test) it attacks and disables it. I tried to install Autodesk 3ds Max, every single .rbd file in the install (basically the whole thing) was blocked. Even my Mozilla Firefox is considered a virus and attacked. Why is my antivirus acting like this? Ive been using Bitdefender for a while now, and I got this copy of BDTS 2008 the week it came out..Its installed on 3 computers, but none of them act like this, not even this one before the reformat. Before you ask, my BD is set to default in ALL protection levels. Id like to use my PC again...a little help?