I Do Not Want To Renew Bd. How Do I Stop The Autorenew Subcription?

I sent BD customer support telling them I want to stop the autorenew on my subscription but all I got was this response:

"If you require the assistance of a Customer Support Team

representatives, please review the below information so that we can help

you with your question(s) as fast as possible.


our Customer Support:

Here, you can find information to assist you with the following tasks:

- Download a digital order

- Check the shipping status of a physical order

- View and print an invoice

- Get answers to common questions

If you still need to contact our Customer Service Team via email, this

can be done by accessing our email webform. To get to the Customer

Support webform, simply choose 'Contact Customer Service' located at the

bottom of the FAQ page. When completing the webform, make sure to

include your Order Number in the field provided. If you do not have an

order number, please include the product and site name in the comments


Now when I sent them an email via webform I get the same autoresponse email. :rolleyes: I tried Live Chat but the representative told me to send customer service an email to address the problem.... :wacko:

Anybody have any other links or ideas how to contact customer support? The reason I dont want to autorenew bitdefender is because their customer support is almost non-existent, this just proves my point.


  • Have you tried the search feature provided by this forums? Guess not, so here it is:


  • I received an email from Digital River, reminding me that my subscription was about to be auto-renewed (next month). Since I haven't been using BD in almost a year, I decided to cancel so I followed the email's instructions by clicking the link, then logged in and filled out the form. In comment box, I specifically requested to cancel auto-renew of subscription.

    Today I received an auto-response :blink: same as OP. I did not see anywhere on the message confirming cancellation of the auto-renew, just the link to their CS site. I found a phone number (for Digital River) in another thread on this forum and just called them. Told the rep I wanted to cancel, which he did, and asked for email confirmation of the cancel, which I just received. So, you could try contacting DR directly, if possible.