My Bitdefender And Support Service Not Available


What's going on with My BitDefender and the Support services for I have not been able to access either for the past five days now. I click on My BitDefender and nothing happens. Tried another pc and received the same result so it's definitely not my pc that is the problem.


  • The knowledge base is okay. I mean the live chat and email support service.

    I still can't get access to My BitDefender and have no way of contacting BitDefender with my issue.

  • Installation did not prompt any error bar

  • For anyone else experience the same problem I am having.

    Support service is available by emailing 'My BitDefender' at is still not working and neither are the email or telephone support services. Have tried four other pc's and all experience the same problem so it is something wrong with the internet site, which the bitdefender team seem to be in denial of.

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    no one is denying anything, but the system works for me regardless of browser or country I'm using. I can login to my account and I can use chat and I can login. Please take a screenshot and put a link to it using the code tags:

    A pic with support working:

    You will get no answer using that email address because you can't be identified as BitDefender customer. So please tell me what is the error when you connect to my account.