Firewall Disable After Update


To Bitdefender :

I am a happy user of Bitdefender IS 2009 after upgrading from 2008.

Today I like to highlight a bug from the software. I did not turn on my PC (AMD Phenom 9850, Window XP home) for 2 days, after which Bitdefender IS give a warning that my update is more than 1 day old.

I activate fix and the program proceed to update, after which the program turn green or ok for brief moment before showing a msg. " Bitdefender need to turrnoff for an update".

I thought everything would be automatic, so I just continue to surf for around 10 mins. noticing the bitdefender icon still in warning mode.

I decided to check on the problem and found my firewall disable. I try to fix the problem but was not successful until a reboot did the trick.

This might be a small problem but come to think of it with the firewall disable what dangerous attack from hackers ( unsafe site ) could have done on my PC is unimaginable.

Hope Bitdefender staff is able to rectify this bug. Overall a happy user of BDIS 2009. Keep up the good work.


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    G'Day Ronald,

    Read this and see if it helps you,

    Other issue maybe that you still have other Security software installed which is causing BD not to load correctly.

    Also un-check the Malware scan option which is more than likely the reason for your /!\ warning, but remember to perform your own Deep Scan regularly!