Stopped Updating


Its been working fine on my 2 machines for a few months but over the last 2 weeks they have failed to auto update, i have had to use the manual update file every day or 2

Any ideas what could be wrong, if i try a manual update it seems to hang for ages and then gives me the message

An error occured during the update (Could not connect)

If the problem persists, please contack BitDefender Support

Please help, this is getting annoying and i havnt changed anything, i have checked to make sure the updater is in the firewall rules list, its set to ALLOW. I have no idea why this is happening


  • ballz
    edited February 2009

    I dont play WOW and i dont have it installed. I hate the game

    Nothing on these pc's have changed, they both run XP 32 bit Inc SP3. I also have a vista home basic laptop and my BD security updates fine using that, tested it last night, so vista updates fine, xp doesnt, sits there saying it cant connect

  • i have figured out what the problem is. I have done tracert and nslookups on the dns. My dns replay from home gives me this:

    C:\Documents and Settings\Matt>nslookup



    Non-authoritative answer:




    Now if i goto an external website and do a lookup on the same dns, i get this

    IP address:

    Host name:

    Alias: is from United States(US) in region North America

    So i guess this means my isp's dns records are wrong?

    How can this be, i dont seem to get a problem for anything else. :(

  • Everytime I reinstall BD09, it is always because of this problem. It just decides not to update anymore, I don't know what's the cause of the problem, it works just fine for months and then stops updating. Reinstalling is the only solution.