Invalid Md5


Ok my pc has been auto updating fine until about a week ago, when i update, the update starts then i get invalid MD5, i decided to leave it a few days and go with the manual update however i still get invalid md5 eror.... any ideas how to fix this ??



  • Hi All,

    I'm having the same problem using BD IS 2009 on WinXP 64-bit. Auto-update errors out with an invalid MD5, and has been for about 4 days now. I have tried different update servers, and have also uninstalled and reinstalled the program multiple times. My wife has the same version on her laptop (WinXP 32-bit) and does not have this issue.

    Any help in solving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

  • rootkit

    Just deactivate bitdefender firewall and run a manual update. After that the firewall should be on :)