Access Denied When Trying To Add Ndis Service To Nic


So after the last update BD made tonight after things were working ok for a week.... now my firewall doesnt work. x64 system so hey what a surprise this seems like a pattern.

Anyways, I uninstalled the BD NDIS Filter Driver from my NIC and when I went to reinstall it via the netsf.inf windows tells me "Could not add the requested feature. The error is: Access is denied."

Uhh.... I am logged on as the administrator.

Any ideas?


  • oh yea and the great thing, in the activity tab in BD under firewall, it shows all the active programs and even ticks up and down their bandwidth usage..... all w/o the filter on the NIC?

    BD doesnt show any network activity under the well "network activity" section under the general tab.