Uninstalled Bitdefender Have Given Up

Have given up too, After using previous Bitdefender versions with pleasure the 2009 Range has to be the Worst AV produkt there is on the Market.

And I am really sick and tired of uninstalling and reinstalling this crap every week!

So finally Enough is Enough ,I have been trying to work with Bitdefender Total Security for Months ,but still after 6 Months its full of Bugs ,Its Ridiculous .

The helpdesk is worthless too ,still have an unsanswered ticket # from November 2008 which they promised to reply to,yeah right.

Really think Bitdefender has lost it

Have swithed to Norton 2009 and the rest it gives is unbelievable,

Everything works,the scans not freezing,the Icon in the system tray Always start up,No filling the Harddrive up out of its own ,No more Bitdefender stopped working ,Google Email starts up direct Etc , Etc, Etc.................

And no more uninstall/reinstall which is the Slogan on this forum and from the Helpdesk

Should have done this Much sooner as other users have suggested to me,

But I,ve spend my hard working Money on this crappy Software and expected a working produkt,boy was I wrong .

I am left with a 2Year ,3 Pc License ,but since I uninstalled it and installed Norton Every thing works.

And finally can enjoy my PC again,

Know there will be posts from BD associates but dream on, as I am an experienced user,installed on a clean pc and tried everything etc etc,

I do wish to thank the people who have tried to help me and others,understand that it becomes frustating for you guys too,working with a Faulty produkt.

So Goodbuy !


  • Kung:

    My BD works well enough to keep it until the license needs renewing in about 6 months. At that time I plan to jump ship and try a different product.

    I have done much reading lately and I expect that I too will next try Norton 2009. There are just too many positive reports on it to ignore.

    Previously to BD, I left the Zone internet security software because it froze my computer at every shutdown. Imagine that every time you shut down your computer just freezes up. I suspect that this is fixed by now.


  • Thanks for the feedback.

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