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Bitdefender Surprise

edited February 2009 in General talk

I tried Bitdefender gallantly last year over a period of 2+ months and never got it to work. So eventually I gave up and downloaded an evaluation copy of PC Security Shield and it worked great with absolutely no problems. Now today after installing a third computer to my network I wanted to add another license of PCSS. After trying the evaluation copy for one month I made the purchase. But I had to completely uninstall the copy I had and reinstall their latest version "V2". To my shock and surprise it installed Bitdefender with the PC Security Shield name on it. It's been working ok for the most part but in the 3 days of installation it's given me that typical BD something is not responding and I should restart my computer. It's always fixed itself without restart but the fact that I'm getting error messages already brings back bad Bitdefender memories. My PC Security Shield on my other computer has not given me an error message in the 6 months I've used it.

So what's up? Did they merge?


  • they did not merge, the Security Shield company is using the BitDefender software under their name. It's some kind of contract between the two and the Security Shield company can use the BitDefender technology in their product. I was also amazed by the fact that the 2 product look the same, asked around and found out the truth.

  • the Security Shield company is using the BitDefender software under their name.

    This is very disappointing. Security Shield's product was so much more stable than Bitdefender. Like I said in the 6 months or so, I have had zero problems. And by the looks of this forum (haven't been here for 6 months) Bitdefender is still riddled with problems.