Problems With Email Scanning

I have just spent 4 or 5 days installing BD 2009 AV on 6 computers. I can't tell you how disappointed I am with the results. I am considering uninstalling it from all of them.

The problem is in the email scanning. When I try to download my emails, several hundred a day on one account, my PC freezes while they are scanned. Using Process Explorer I have determined that vsserv.exe is the drag on the system, using between 75 and 99% of CPU every time I try to log in, open, or read emails. This is ridiculous. My machine is:

Dell T5400 Quad-Core Xeon 2.33 Ghz CPUs (that's right - 4 CPUs get locked up) with 3 GB RAM running Seamonkey Browser/email 1.1.11 and Multizilla with AdBlock 1.0.1 on WinXPPro SP3 fully patched.

I have tried using the Game Mode flag with Seamonkey identified as a game to see if that would mitigate some of the issue. I have set my Browser as an exception in the scanning exceptions list. I am still frustrated by the total lockdown of resources that I see when I try to access emails, even those that have been scanned and blessed.

My machine is clean, according to BD anyway and I see absolutely no reason why this software, or any other software for that matter should repeatedly scan the same item.

The situation happens like this - Open email in browser (good so far because I haven't logged in) - log in to email account (scanning begins vsserv.exe fires up about 50%) - email client reports that it is downloading emails (vsserve.exe up to 75%) - email client downloads emails while vsserve.exe scans each one thoroughly I hope (vsserv.exe to 99% and system totally locked up) - all emails safely in the in-box (vsserv.exe drops to zero) - click on email to read my mail, some of which is important (vsserv.exe fires up AGAIN even though it JUST FINISHED WASTING TONS OF MY TIME SCANNING IT AS IT DOWNLOADED IT! - vsserv.exe at 99% again) - email opens in window for my enjoyment (vsserv.exe at zero) - click on next email and OMG IT'S DOING IT AGAIN!

This is a powerful package no doubt but some of the logic is missing. There should be some simple logic that allows BD 2009 AV to tell itself "Self, I just scanned that and called it good. If I start scanning it again the user may decide that I really don't know W-T-F I'm talking about, that I don't trust myself, and my credibility will be hosed and he/she may use the Uninstall Feature to send me to digital Hades. I think I'll just lay low and act like everything's OK."

Maybe that is too much to ask. Maybe this is user-related. I did after all only become a user of this software 4 or 5 days ago and have so far only installed it on 6 machines. I purchased 3 - 3 PC licenses for one year each, nine licenses total and intended to install this on my parents' machine too but there is no way that I can give them this dog for a gift.

I need some hints and tips for setting meaningful, useful, efficient parameters with BD 2009 AV. Overall, I think this is a good product and I probably just need to change a few settings. I do have Aggressive settings on all scans designed to ignore nothing. I just need a simple way for BD to recognize files (most of which are 10Kb or less but take over 1 minute to scan) that it has already blessed.

5 of my machines run WinXP Pro SP3 patched. 1 is a laptop running WinVista Home Premium patched.

How about it?