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Thank you for your understanding. -- Virus?


One of my clients has 1700~ attempts to access this url:

IT is blocked by my firewall, as well as google doesn't allow to go there. Howver, no virus is shown when scanning.

Need your urgent help please.


  • It's most probably one of these Conduit/EffectiveBrand "Free Community" toolbars that your client has installed - This one modifies the default IE SearchHook. Some Conduit toolbars are reputed to have a certain adware/trackware functionality.

  • What should be my approach?

    delete the addon?

    block the addon?

    Anything I can do with BD management? WMI?

  • If you don't want the addon (Toolbar), then uninstall it.

    I don't know what Toolbars are installed there, but one of them should be a conduit toolbar. Conduit has loads of different toolbars though.