How To Allow Downloads Of Executable Files?


I am using BD Internet 2009 (running XP Pro service pack 3). Since installing it, I have been unable to download any files with the suffix .exe

I realize that this is generally a good thing (for example, as it prevents executable virus files from being installed). However, I am being blocked from downloading software that I want to install. How/where do I tell BD to let me download an .exe file?

This forum is a great community service. I spent a few hours browsing it and learned a lot, but I didn't find an answer to my problem. Thanks in advance.


  • Niels

    Dear topixs,

    Does this behavior only happens on that website? Or does it happen on every website?

    Did you tried to download it from another source? Does BitDefender blocks the page? Do you see a BitDefender pop-up of an infection that is found?

    It might be a false positiv. Can you please make a new topic in this forum section. Upload the link where you can download the software.

    Kind regards,