Important For The Admin

We as a Bit defender customers could not under stand for what is this forum, if we as customers could not get any answer from the company which supervising this forum.

I thing there must be a solution on the net that we could contact it to fellow the manipulation which has been mad by the company or the person who issued Bit defender.

We must have solutions for what we are facing from Bit defender, at least an answer from the admin of this forum, since this forum is the official forum of Bit defender.


  • lutz
    edited February 2009


    BitDefender Forum > English > General Talk > Announcement: BitDefender Forum Rules


    This is not an official support forum although this forum belongs to BitDefender. This is strictly a place where users, fans or security spets meet and discuss their ideas and problems. There are moderators on this forum that are not employed at BitDefender and that will try to help you with your problems as much as they can and know.



  • zamil
    edited February 2009

    This is not an official support forum although this forum belongs to BitDefender :):D:D

    me no understand related no I we , NOT OFFICIAL no we I what BELONGS hahaha I or you?? or us?? donky maybe :wub::blink::wacko:<_<

  • Although the forum belongs to BitDefender, it is not meant as an official support forum. That means that BitDefender does not commission support staff to the forums, even though they are encouraged to do so. The main problem resides in the large amount of issues that they have to manage via more conservative support ways.