Control Automatic Scanning

BitDefender Internet Security 2009 v. continuously starts scanning and causes a message box to appear that states that "The scanning process was not started in the required time interval. Press OK to close the BitDefender Antivirus Scanner". If I leave the computer on for a few hours there will be about 15 of these message boxes open. How do I get this to stop?



  • Dear Boulder Biker,

    Do you have scheduled an autologon scan? If so try to increase the time after you have booted your pc when the autologon scan should take place. Open BitDefender,switch to advanced view by clicking on the switch button. After that go to antivirus,virus scan,now right click on autologon scan,schedule task change the time interval or disable it and press on ok.

    Kind regards,


  • Thanks - already tried that. I fixed the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling - although this was a pain as well as the uninstall failed and I had to manually uninstall. Product seems a bit too unstable, but then again I hated McAfee, Norton and AVG as well...