I Discovered A Serious Flaw In Bitdefender Realtime Protection While Using A Download Manager


This is what I've done:

I used orbit downloader to download malware from malware hosting websites.

BitDefender realtime protection is unable to prevent the malicious files to be stored on your hard disk. Even weirder is that however BitDefender realtime protection found an infection, nothing is found on the file when it's stored on the hard disk.

I've redone the test by disabling orbit downloader. Now the page was correctly blocked and no files were put on my hard disk. I was using Internet Explorer download feature.

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  • Thank you Niels for bringing this to our attention.

    The testing team is working on this now and I'll keep you posted. ;)

  • Dear Corneliu,

    I also created a ticket-id to report it. Thanks for your response.

    Kind regards,