Bitdefender 2009 False Detection.

Within about 1 month, bitdefender 2009 detect some of my installed programs as a virus and here is the screenshot of one of them, so please fix the issue, thanks in advanced.



  • flandrei
    flandrei Bitdefender VPN Product Manager BD Staff

    Hi there,

    Since we need the actual files to be able to remove detection for them, I have sent you an email, you just need to reply to it with the files attached. Please compress them with WinRar and then change the extension of the .rar file into .rat.



  • Detection should be removed with the next update. Thank you.

  • I met the same situation too. The file when scan by BD 2008, there is no problem with it.

    However, when I scan it with BD 2009, it said Trojan.Generic something like that.

  • After install new version of PowerDVD 9 Ultra, the problems still there and even more false detection.


  • rootkit
    rootkit ✭✭✭
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    Plase do this:

    Unplug your netwwork cable.

    Turn off Bitdefender's Shield.

    Restore the files from quarantine.

    Please pack the file(s) in an archive, protected with the password infected.

    Turn on BitDefender's Shield. Plug in your network cable.

    Upload it on or other server and leave here the download link.

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    I am having what I believe is false positives with these same file mentioned above. My version is from HP Quickplay made by Cyberlink. Please fix ASAP.

    Also there should be a way to tell BitDefender to ignore such files, but if there is I have not found it yet.

    Here is an rar of the files


  • rootkit
    rootkit ✭✭✭

    Thank you for the samples.

    A VR will take a look ;)

  • Thank you for uploading. Detection will be removed as soon as possible.