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*defender Discovered The Same Action Can Not Be Deleted Or Reserved For What?

hello youth

Fact, among a sample of the virus and you work to determine the population Defender Total Care, but some of them can not be deleted or moved to the reservation as described you as one of the residents through the work of the two computer ..

The sample I have is the research and found approximately 3000 the discoverer of the virus can seize or transfer the booking?

And here I am the oldest-class

technical support to determine defender in order to find a solution to this problem is as you described .. ??


*note : i support defender gets to decide on the samples i have in order to address the types of files that can not decide to do something with defender



  • rootkit
    rootkit ✭✭✭

    Please paste here or attach the full scan log. We need to see the files location ;)

  • Niels
    edited March 2009

    Dear Mr.00,

    What actions do you have selected to take on infections? You can verify that by doing this open BitDefender,switch to advanced view,go to antivirus,shield,press on custom level tell me the actions that BitDefender will take on: action to take when infected file is found and action to take when infected file is found.

    Disinfect means try to clean just the infection. The problem that arises is that some free software comes bundled with adware,toolbars. BitDefender will always only try to disinfect (=delete when files can't be "healed") the infected part but not the entire file or when files are in archive (.zip,.rar,..) then you have to delete the archive manually. The same applies to quarantine that will only try to quarantine the infected part. Some antiviruses just delete the entire installer or archive. Please read this article.

    Please do also what crysty said.

    Kind regards,


  • Mr.00
    edited March 2009
    Well ..

    I seem to you to lift the report to you

    and that in some files to be not deleted or booking option

    must solve this problem


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