Bitdefender 2009 Services Not Responding

So, a quick thing. I get a "BitDefender Security Service(vsserv.exe) is unavailable at the moment. Please restart your computer." window instead of BitDefender. I've already read through most threads but it seems their BitDefenders still function, while mine is a mere blank hollow of a window.


  • flandrei
    flandrei Bitdefender VPN Product Manager BD Staff

    Hi there,

    I have created a ticket in the support database and I have sent you an email so that we can continue troubleshooting. Please reply to my email when you have the time.



  • I had something similar this morning and had to reboot to get past it. BitDefender windows says "BitDefender Services have been switched off temporarily for an update" And at the bottom "The BitDefender Security Service (vsserv.exe) is temporarily unavailable. Pleasewait for a few moments." I waited... nothing. Bit Defender icon in corner was grey and "Show" did nothing. Seems OK (??) after reboot of my system.

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  • Dear ronchicago,

    Some product upgrades need a reboot. The reason is that some drivers can't be updated for example if the driver for the firewall is updated BitDefender need to change some settings of your network card. That if you don't reboot can disconnect you from the internet.

    Normally you should have seen a pop-up that informed you about it.

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