Newbe Need Firewall Help


I am using total security 2009, on XP pro. Opera (current ver).

I have used other independent firewalls like Sygate, Tiny....

With those I had an option to block all traffic. I see in the firewall setup that I can "DENY ALL".

But while in the deny all mode, I can still surf the web. I'm writting this while in that mode.

Could someone explain this to me?

Using sygate, I could block "all" traffic in and out.

I also use an APP called "Sam Spade". And I can ping other sites, trace etc... so that is getting in and out.

Just what does "DENY ALL" stop?

Thanks in advance, I appreciate it.



  • flandrei
    flandrei Bitdefender VPN Product Manager BD Staff
    edited March 2009

    Hi there,

    The Deny All will block all traffic that does not match any rules already created in the Network tab, Zones tab or Rules tab. Since you already allowed your browser, that is why you can still connect. If you want to block all traffic, you need to go to the Network tab, click on the Trust Level and set it to Blocked. This way, all traffic through that adapter will be denied. Also set the Stealth Mode to ON, and on the Advanced Settings button from the Firewall->Settings tab, make sure to block portscans.



  • Florin Andrei,

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    And thanks for the tips on port scan and stealth.

    I'm happy with the product


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