Bd Av 2009 Standby Issue

Since the installation of BitDefender 2009, none of my computers go in to standby automaticaly anymore. Two laptops are set to enter standby (S3) after one hour, my HTPC should enter standby (S3) after 3 hours. None of the computers do this anymore since the installation of BitDefender Antvirus 2009. Only manual, by pressing the power button of through the start menu, computers can enter standby. Changing the BD update interval to every 2 or 3 hours doesn't make a difference.

After uninstalling BitDefender from one of the laptops, standby is entered after 1 hour. Why is this?

Any solution for this?


  • Hello!

    Please do this quick test and let me know what happens:

    First of all set the Standby to 1 minute (will make testing faster) and wait for two minutes to make sure it doesn't actually go into Standby, then follow the instructions below.

    1. Permanently disable the Update for BD (Advanced View > Update > remove check mark from "Automatic update is enabled" and choose "Permanently");

    2. Restart Windows in Safe Mode;

    3. Browse to this location: %CommonProgramFiles%\BitDefender\BitDefender Firewall

    and find the file bdftdif.sys;

    4. Rename the file bdftdif.sys to "bdftdif.sy_";

    5. Restart into Normal mode;

    6. Wait for a couple of minutes (does it go into Standby now?).

    After performing this test use the same procedure to enable updates and restore the renamed file to the original name.

  • Thanks for the reply Corneliu, but BitDefender is gone from my systems. To many little annoyances. There are 4 computers in my household and a virusscanner needs to do it's work invisible. Besides standby issues there are network issues I also reported in this forum. I'm sure there are workarounds for it, but I don't want to beta test. All this has cost me already more then a day to try to fix. Back to Norton since they dropped creating bloatware. Everything runs fine again without any issue as before.

    It was a wrong decision to buy before I tried BD. Thought it was a matur.e product, but apparently a mistake in judgement on my part.

    Good luck with the development.

  • I'm sorry this version of BitDefender didn't work for you, however you can check the BitDefender website in the future and try new versions of the products as we will release them.

    I will close this and /index.php?/topic/12205-bd-av-2009-slow-internal-network/" rel="">your other topic.

    If you require further Customer Service please drop me a PM. ^_^

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